Keys To Arranging Bridge Loans With Ontario Private Mortgage If youre looking to secure a bridge loan for a real estate property transaction or some other requirement, then its going to be important to understand the keys to getting bridge financing in place. If you want to get short term funding in place as fast as possible, then a private mortgage in first, second, or even third position is likely going to provide the best results. Private lenders that specialize in short term or bridge funding are able to assess a situation quickly and get funds in a matter of days. So when we talk about the keys to bridge financing, one major key is having equity in a residential or commercial property that you own. With real estate to leverage, the process can go much faster and likely be cheaper than through other forms of bridge loans. Another key is making sure that you have all the documentation for a potential transaction in order. Things such as a recent copy of the title, copy of a recent statement of mortgage if a mortgage is registered on the title, property tax statements, copy of appraisals or environmental assessments that have been completed in the past. The more information you can readily provide to validate ownership, usability, liability, and value, the faster the process will go. And perhaps the most important key element to bridge lending is working with the right team of broker, lender, and lawyer. The more experienced the team you select, the better the result youre likely to secure. If you have <b>…<b>

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