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Buy To Let Building Blocks No 4.Top Ten Golden Rules in Buy To Let to Build a Successful Portfolio

The top 10 must do items or golden rules that will guarantee building a successful portfolio from starting with your power team through understand the numbers to making sure that you have a strategy that you can adapt to changing market conditions

Buy To Let Building Blocks No 6. Unravel your Journey into Buy To Let

This tutorial looks at the various factors that will affect your journey to becoming a successful property investor. The factors include the location, and neighbourhood that you are investing, the property you buy and last but not least your customer. If selling your buyer if renting your tenant.

Buy To Let Blueprint Tip No 2 Always Buy With a Loan or Mortgage.mp4

The Benefits of Leveraging. It is better to buy with your cash combined with a loan than buy only with your cash. This Financially Free Tip compares the results of buying with cash only or combining your cash with a loan or mortgage, which means leveraging your cash, and compares 3 different…