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Fast Bridging Loan

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Bridging finance |

Bridging the Gap How MMI Brokers can help you apply for bridging finance ( Bridging loans are short term secured loans commonly used when there is a temporary cash shortfall while buying a property. Bridging loans are secured against the property you are buying (on a first charge basis) and possibly against a property you already own on a first or second charge basis depending your existing mortgage and equity. Bridging finance lenders tend to be more lenient in terms of your background eg if you are self employed or have a less than perfect credit history. They are able to make decisions on loans very quickly, assessing each application on its own merits. As these loans carry more risk than a regular mortgage the interest rates and fees involved are significantly higher. Monthly interest rates will usually range from 0.9%-1.5%, so typically if you have a £100000 loan at 1.5% per month, over a whole year the interest rate would be 18%. for more information: ( if you would like more information about bridging finance: ( follow was on Twitter (