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Buy To Let Blueprint Tip No 2 Always Buy With a Loan or Mortgage.mp4

The Benefits of Leveraging. It is better to buy with your cash combined with a loan than buy only with your cash. This Financially Free Tip compares the results of buying with cash only or combining your cash with a loan or mortgage, which means leveraging your cash, and compares 3 different…

Bridging Loans

A bridging loan is used to help purchase a new property when the current one on the market hasnt sold. Because the existing one hasnt been sold, financing is needed that will use the existing and perhaps even the new one as collateral. They have a quick turnaround for approval, typically 24 hours, and can also be funded as soon as a week after approval. Typically the terms are only for 12 months as the financing can get expensive for a period beyond that. For More Information On Bridging Loans Please Visit

Fixed rate buy to let mortgages gaining popularity -16 Feb 2012

Listen to the latest views from David Whittaker, managing director at Mortgages for Business on the potential impact of the latest round of quantative easing. Also David highlights a great new five year fixed rate buy to let mortgage and a bridging loan from just 0.7% per month. He will also encourage you to complete our Property Investor Survey. For help with your property investment funding call us on 0845 345 6788. Alternatively, you might like to use our buy to let mortgage calculator on to assist with your property investment planning.