No Money Down. Can You Really Buy Property With No Money? A leading site for learning all aspects of no money down property investment from finding motivated sellers to buying below market value. Many investors create property portfolios without putting any of their own money up front. This is known as No Money Down and is a tool for buying property below market value without tying up any of your own money up front. The secret is to find genuine below market value (BMV) properties and borrow against the actual market value of the property rather than the BMV purchase price. There are various property financing services that provide no money down solutions to real estate and property investments. These services allow investors to take out what is known as a closed bridging loan. This enables them to buy a property without having to use their own money as a deposit. This type of loan is an effective way of financing the purchase of real estate without the investor unnecessarily tying up his own money sometimes for years. Taking out a closed bridging loan to invest in property no money down can also yield instant cash returns on completion. Traditionally for example lenders will normally loan a maximum of 85% of the properties valuation or purchase price depending on what is lowest. The investor is still required to come up with the other 15% of the value in order to finance the purchase. Closed bridging can be a very effective way to quickly grow a portfolio if you are purchasing <b>…<b>

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