Why Bridging Loan Finance?

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Why Bridging Loan Finance?

By Sean Horton

Bridging loan finance is a type of short term secured loan that you can take out relatively quickly and with great ease at times when you have a shortfall in your finances and need to meet this. More often then not it is used when purchasing residential property, as it is often the case that you may not have fully completed a sale for your existing property when you need to make payment on a new property. Bridging loans are also commonly used for the purchase of commercial properties in order to be able to quickly close on a property. The repayments for this type of loan are normally paid back following the successful sale of the property or are refinanced with a more standard type of loan.

Many banks, building societies, specialist brokers and financial institutions will be able to offer you bridging loan finance and you will often be able to borrow up to a set amount of the property value, depending on the company that you take the loan out with and also how much property you have to secure the loan. The main requirements for being able to qualify for a loan of this type is that you are a resident of the UK and that you are over 18 years old. Often you will also need to be in some form of regular employment. No credit check is typically required as they will normally use the information from the new mortgage to process the loan. This type of finance does not generally use your credit score or employment history to determine whether you will get the finance and usually offers you quick processing and turnaround for when you need the funds quickly or urgently. Often this will be within a few days to a week of your application being received, but can vary among lenders or brokers.

Bridging loan finance can be used for many other things but it is worth bearing in mind that this type of loan is only a short term solution and can have incredibly high rates of interest due to risk the lender is under, so make sure that you know you can fully repay the loan before you take one out.

When you take out your bridging loan finance you will be given the option of either closed or open bridging loans. A closed bridging loan means you have a definite date when you can redeem the loan and provides less of a risk to the lender. You may have exchanged contracts on the sale of your home but wish to complete on the purchase of your new property quicker then you can obtain the necessary funds. An open bridging loan is where there is no confirmed repayment method nor has the date for full repayment been decided and agreed upon. This type of loan will often be used when the terms have not been agreed for the property that is to be sold but you still wish to purchase another property and require the finances for this.

About the Author: Sean Horton is a Director of Enhanced Wealth, a whole of market mortgage broker and IFA specialising in mortgage advice and the associated areas of income protection, mortgage protection, and bridging loan finance.

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For investors who are comfortable controlling their own retirement accounts ” and those savvy investors who are already dealing in real estate or investing in certain instruments outside of their existing IRAs ” there is an option that allows for more diversified, tax-advantaged portfolios than in traditional IRAs or 401(k) plans: the self-directed IRA.


Self-directed IRA retirement plans are a nontraditional retirement account that allows individuals to invest in what they already know and understand… with alternative investment options not allowed within typical retirement plans.

A self-directed IRA includes Real estate ” residential and commercial properties, land, renovation or new construction, passive rental income, mortgages and other loans, private hedge funds, precious metals, limited partnerships, commercial paper and notes, and many more.

A broader selection of allowable investments means informed consumers can develop a more eclectic portfolio that they control, allowing them to respond to economic downturns or take advantage of opportunistic (and tax-advantaged) investments in a more nimble way than going through a conventional IRA custodian.

If you have had experience before with these kinds of investments outside of your retirement plan, this type of retirement plan could be a smart way to grow your savings more aggressively.


If you are someone who understands certain markets and investments and perhaps is already investing in those as part of your retirement plan, consider applying what you know to this new investment strategy with a self-directed IRA retirement plan.

People who open a self-directed IRA may: be an angel investor in a company, purchase real estate or own rental property as an investment, invest in certain commodities, make unsecured personal loans to friends or certain relatives and earn tax-free interest on the loan

You can do all this within a self-directed IRA and enjoy the tax advantages of these plans.

Are you self-employed? You may open a self-directed SEP (simplified employee pension plan) IRA . Individuals can roll over the funds from a traditional IRA or an old 401(k) plan. You can even choose to keep your existing IRA account for stock and bond transactions and open a self-directed account for your other investments. And you can start with an initial investment of just a few thousand dollars.

The bottom line is you must want to make the investment decisions for your account or have a trusted adviser who’s knowledgeable about the options available for these accounts who will work with you.


Although you control your investment strategy, self-directed IRA plans are administered by neutral third-party professionals, such as Next Generation Trust Services, who serve as custodians of the assets in these accounts. The custodians offer knowledge and insights to help you make informed decisions when you purchase, maintain, or sell your investments, and will ensure those transactions are properly expedited.

Custodians of self-directed IRAs understand the special processes, documentation, and regulations these accounts are subject to, and handle all the necessary paperwork so that you invest safely and securely. When you open your account, ask about phone support for when questions arise and educational seminars for you and/or your advisor so that you receive the knowledge you need to control your self-directed IRA retirement plan wisely.

Next Generation Trust is a self-directed IRA company that helps investors manage their own retirement assets with a variety of self-directed retirement plans. More information about self-directed retirement plans at NextGenerationTrust.com

There are lots of issues to be considered about commercial loans and mortgages, and those that are heavily into the subject are likely to want to know more. Even if this article serves as no more than an introduction, nothing stops you from putting the information to good use.

Instant cash is not a worry with Bridging loans

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These loans are basically of two types, the first one is open bridging loan. This is a loan where you are buying a new property and your existing property has not been sold out.

The other and second type of loan is known as close bridging loan. It?s a loan where you are buying a property and sale for the existing property has been completed but due to some reasons there is a delay in receipt of the payment and the settlement to purchase a new property.

You can use this short-term loan for a variety of reasons: – You can use this loan to purchase a property from an auction. – It can be used to settle the amount of a new property purchased in case of existing one is not sold out.

– Used as a temporary cash where you required instant cash for the purchase of a defective property such as pending completion of repairs.

– To fund the purchase of a property pending the arrangement of a long-term mortgage.

Even you are looking for an oversea property to grab the great auction bargain, the short-term loan at this situation is considered as a best option. Other than all the above benefits of this loan it can be used to go for a dream holidays, weddings, Land purchase, cash flow and business capital finance.

There won?t be an issue if the borrower has bad credit history or facing repossession it will be accepted in short-term bridging loans. This is one of the main reasons that make this loan completely different from the others in terms of higher rate of interest. The time period to get this loan is comparatively fast. The lender accepts all self-certification of your income without the need of time-consuming verifications. You can reach to a lender through both methods that is online and offline.

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Is A Secured Loan Wise?

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Seeking financial aid when facing such difficult times is only natural however, whether it be from banking authorities, building societies or such financial specialists; is seeking financial aid during a time when even the UK’s most trusted banks face questions; a wise move?

Whatever the economic situation one must always think twice before making any rash decisions and ask themselves whether they see themselves in a strong enough position to be able to pay, not only the entire amount but more depending on inflation and interest rises; it is as simple as that. There are countless reasons as to why an individual would seek out a loan and there are no restrictions to what you can do, thus should you desire a vacation, the chance to pay off another major bill or anything else; a loan can work for you but it is a risky situation that should be dealt with, with the utmost caution.

Since the onset of economic difficulty Great Britain’s businesses have performed at a declined level and as a result the nation has failed to see substantial growth and as a result; the International Monetary Fund has slowly attempted to turn its back on the UK. The rise in inflation has ultimately lead to an increase in commodity purchases and as a result; banking lending has restricted lending tenfold, leaving borrowers with no alternative but to seek a secured loan.

A secured loan is a beneficial, albeit risky, form of financial aid taken against a home or a business and can provide ideal financial aid with the bonus that the security against a commercial or home property can ensure that the pay-out is received without hassle. Naturally, those seeking such financial aid and those willing to place their home or business as security will need to be fully aware of the risk they face which is why it is of great importance to ensure that advice and support is sought form a financial broker.

When attempting to seek a secured loan as financial aid it is of great importance that the borrower be aware of the risk they face, particularly in such a volatile economy. A financial broker will be able to assist in finding a deal that will suit your needs the most but most importantly will discuss your financial situation, repayment deals and prepare you for any economic changes in order to ensure that the move you are making is the right one.

It is more than obvious to state that we are stuck facing a difficult economic time however this does not mean that financial aid is a big no, it simply means that seeking aid and taking caution is a crucial factor, now more than ever. A secured loan does not be feared and with the right assistance by your side it can be very much be a great ease on life.

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